Art Therapy Services

We are a collective of art therapists based acrossNorfolk and Bristol.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy.  It uses the process of freely creating art, talking and the therapeutic relationship to improve psychological and emotional well-being. You do not need to have had any experience of making art or be good at art.

Please contact us if you have any question or would like more information.

We offer:

One to one individual sessions


Art therapy groups and work with families

Introductory presentations

Workshops, presentations and training

Working with infants, children, young people and adults

 Art Therapy can benefit those:

suffering with difficult feelings, anxiety, stress or depression

affected by life changes or conflict

with emotional, behavioral or social difficulties

affected by illness or disability

who may find it difficult to communicate

who are having difficulty with relationships

with low self esteem or confidence

wanting to develop personal growth and understanding


Information leaflet about
Art Therapy

Information for
Children and Young People

Parental Consent Form for Children and Young People

Children & Young People Referral Form for Organisations